• We are a Socks Only indoor playground.  Adults and children are required to take off their shoes and wear socks to enter.  We sell socks for $2.00 a pair if you forget.  This helps keep our facility clean for the kids and ensures longevity of our equipment

  • No adult is permitted entry without a child - absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS

  • A signed waiver and rules acknowledgement is required and must accompany each admission

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safety and behavior of their child(ren).  Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times and must obey posted Playground Rules.

  • We are not responsible for your child's safety or injuries that may occur from unsafe play or inappropriate use of the equipment.

  • The Kids Clubhouse staff are there to monitor the play floor, reinforce playground rules and keep equipment & toys in order.  They will make sure everyone has a fun and safe time by offering polite reminders as needed.  We reserve the right to deny access to any child as a result of continued behavior problems

  • The Kids Clubhouse does not tolerate unruly, aggressive behavior (pushing, fighting, etc), bullying, disrespect of other's playtime or vulgar, inappropriate language.  In the event a child or adult violates this policy, they will be asked to leave the facility, with no refund

  • The toddler area is for children 3 years old and younger.  This will allow the infants and toddlers to safely enjoy the play space that has been made especially for them

  • All food and drinks are to be consumed in the gated eating area onlyNO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED IN THE PLAY STRUCTURES, PLAY AREAS OR MINI TOWN

  • The Kids Clubhouse does not allow "do it yourself birthday parties" at any time in our facility.  Please do not bring in cakes and party goodies, sing happy birthday or open presents during open play. Please refer to our private party package if you wish to celebrate a birthday with us.

  • Please be considerate of other families and do not bring sick children to the playground.  If a child is visibly sick (coughing, runny nose, discharge/redness from eyes), we reserve the right to deny admission

  • RESTROOM RULES:  Children must always be accompanied by an adult into the restrooms.  This policy helps to make sure children are washing their hands before returning to the playground

  • CHILDREN IN DIAPERS:  For hygienic safety, diapers are to be changed in restroom ONLY - no exceptions!

  • Accidents happen.  If your child soils themselves while in the play area or mini town, please notify us right away so that we can properly clean and sanitize the area

  • To ensure the safety of all our guests, a video and audio monitoring system has been installed for surveillance purposes and operates/records 24 hours a day